OEM Printing Factory Price

Are you a product and brand owners looking for printing service? Or do you want to run your own printing business as a side income or full-time business?

Printar provide white label printing solution for business who needs trusted and reliable printing partner.

White Label Product & Printing Services

Among our products & services are:

  • sticker and labels
  • cloth label
  • short run (small quantity)
    • flyers, brochures & pamphlet
    • booklet, magazine
  • cutting, trimming, binding, laminating, creasing, perforating etc.

We offer best price for our clients. Talk to us to find out more.

White Label Delivery

We provide nationwide delivery with your BRAND & ADDRESS in the SENDER SECTION of the airway bill. So no one knows you print with us. Just sit back and relax. We will update you with the tracking number and you can give it to your customer as a peace of mind.

Our trusted courier service are:

  • SkyNet
  • Nationwide Express
  • PosLaju