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Digital Printing Flyers & leaflet

Flyers are mainly used to promote your business, services, products, charity and others. You need to have graphic design with good copywriting on the flyer design than can capture emotion. From there, people will take action either to contact your business, go to your shop, visit your website and even follow you on your social media.

Printar provide high quality flyer printing service with various types of paper materials. Some of the popular ones including:

  • simili / woodfree – various thickness
  • art paper – various thickness
  • art card

All these materials comes with various thickness and pricing. Talk to us today for FREE consultation on your flyer printing needs.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) regarding flyers.

Where can I get free flyer maker or designer?

You can use online software such as Canva, Adobe Spark, Crello and more. No need to download. Just make sure to choose the right template and correct size.

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What is standard size of a flyer?

Standard size of flyers or pamphlet is A5, A4, or DL. These sizes is handy and easy to carry, pass around and distribute to your prospect and customers.

What information should I put in my business flyers?

Business flyers mainly aimed to promote your business, product and services. You can list down the benefits and features which is useful for your customers. You also must include the contact information so people know how to reach you either by call, visit your office or premise. To entice and generate more sales, you can include offer and promotion as part of the graphic design.

Can Printar help me with creating custom flyer design?

Yes, we can assist you with custom flyer design. Just let us know what is your requirements and provide us with the information, photos and logo that you want us to put in the flyer.

Is there any flyer templates that I can choose?

There are tons of flyer templates on the internet. Our favourite ones is flyers from Graphic River, Creative Market, TheHungryJPEG and Freepik. You can get purchase these template from as low as $7 based on your preferences.

What is differents between flyer and brochures?

Flyer or leaflets is a single piece of printed paper. While brochure usually is a single paper printed and folded into multiple section.


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